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ZoomFood 30 Serving Canister


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ZoomFood, is now available from Compass Fat Loss! What is ZoomFood? It is a proprietary formulation of ingredients developed by Dr. Kusher and delivered in a tasty shake mix which has the following benefits:
• Outstanding in breaking stubborn weight loss plateaus
• Provides a feeling of fullness and satiety throughout the day
• Provides all-day energy without stimulants or caffeine
• Minimizes blood sugar swings, reducing cravings
• Improves intestinal flora to promote healthy digestion
• Provides muscle-building protein with enzymes for digestion
ZoomFood can be used as a very effective meal replacement, and may also be used prior to meals to help decrease portion size. ZoomFood will not impede the fat-burning process, but will rather support it. ZoomFood is 100% natural, stevia-sweetened and is 100% compliant with the Compass Fat Loss Plan.
To order your 30-Day supply, simply click and your order will ship out within 24 hours, or pick yours up at one of our office locations. ZoomFood is only available to Compass Fat Loss patients – and please give us feedback on your experience after using it regularly!


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