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Compass Fat Loss Custom Nutritional Cocktail (Base Nutrient Formula)



The Compass Fat Loss Custom Nutritional Cocktail is a patient-specific formulation of each and every micronutrient your body requires, in the exact forms and dosages dictated by your DNA profile performed in our offices, and custom-built to your individual specifications with assistance form our staff. Nothing in excess, nothing wasted, minimizes risk of nutrient deficiency, and ensures you receive a full complement of your daily nutritional requirements in forms your body can assimilate and metabolize. Provided in a delicious fruit-flavored powder which mixes easily with water for convenient once daily dosage. This is our finest-quality most individualized preparation for our patients, to help in attaining and maintaining goal weight, as well as optimizing long-term health benefits. Initial Base order also includes Heart Health Omegas 30 day supply.

*Note: Your initial order of base nutrients may be ordered online here now or at anytime. Your initial custom order of this product MUST be formulated by our staff and you while in our office after review of your DNA report (if you have previously reviewed your DNA report with our staff, you may contact us to prepare your custom formulation without an additional visit); subsequent orders may be placed by you online, and the convenience of our Auto-Ship System is recommended to avoid running out of nutrients and keep a fresh supply always on hand. (Auto-Ship may be discontinued at any time). Priced in accordance with specific nutrients chosen. Please call us with any questions regarding this product at (800)-735-2281.


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