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Maintenance Plan

The Compass Fat Loss Maintenance Plan supports patients who have fully achieve their weight loss goals and want the help of monitored assistance to assure they maintain their goal weight!

Maintenance Plan: As part of your fat loss program you will be monitored for the initial 43 day phase, continuing for an additional 60 days beyond that. After the 103 day period you will have the option of starting our maintenance plan at a rate of $9.95 per month. You can cancel the monthly plan at any time.

All participants in the maintenance plan will also receive:

  • Advance notice of updates to the manual/journal and other publications
  • Copies of updated printed materials at no charge
  • A 5% discount on all supplements purchased

The maintenance program will include daily monitoring of your weight and associated data, necessary guidance to maintain achieved goals, as well as your usual access to coaches and doctors.